Thursday, June 30, 2011

Making money with adsense

Many people on the internet want to know if adsense works is it a scam how does it work well im here to explain that to everyone if you get an adsense account and you put ads on your website (works best with blogger) and someone clicks them you get a amount of money it depends on how popular your website is if you get hundreds of thousands of views on your website your likely to make alot of adsense money (yes it does work) at the end of the month they send you the money if you reached past a 100 bucks they take out a fee of 30 dollars leaving you with the amount of money you earned -30 but otherwise no it is not a scam well as many others will make nobody visit your website like for example people with mac keeper ads will give people viruses!
sincerely ~Dj Fanto~

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