Sunday, August 21, 2011

Get any web sites source html

Hey guys, if you haunt noticed already 's source code getter isn't working anymore so I'm here to show you more ways to get the code, If you have internet explorer one of the valuable features is the tool bar, using those you can get any websites source html code 
Now to do this you have to use internet explorer 7 but if you use Internet explorer 9 you can also get it by clicking tools then clicking developers tools, 
then  clicking source
AND i found out it works with safari by clicking view then view source
If you do not have internet explorer 9 but you know how to get source codes using firefox safari or chrome please comment also Im going to show you a picture of a dancing doom

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  1. I know how to get the source code for Google Chrome. You clcik the "wrench" at the top right corner and click "tools, then View Source".