Sunday, August 7, 2011

How to make a header like mine

Hey guys its Dj Fanto, one of the most common questions i get on twitter is "How did you make that header?" well i will tell you how under this will be a video tutorial if you don't like reading :P
Step 1, make your header with the buttons
step 2, go to and upload your header
step 3 get the link of the header alone on tiny pic
step 4 go to and enter the link to your tiny pic picture
step 5 now your on editor, So now you choose rectangle and put it around each image and edit the link
step 6 click finish and click the work Html above, then it will show it in html code, so copy that,
step 7 i suggest you go to a test blog and enter in the code first Try to remove the old header if you can
step 8 if it works go to your blog and enter in the code
I hope this helped look at the video if you didn't get it
or comment below
Sincerely ~Dj Fanto~

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