Sunday, August 28, 2011

How to make a logo, and easter egg Fun

Hey guys its dj fanto So in honor of getting 1000+ views on my website :D witch im very happy about i am gonna post twice this week, anyway if you clicked this you can tell by the title what this post is gonna be about, ok so on the photoshop one you can Create one that looks very advanced But i didnt use the photoshop tutorial because i dont like moving slow, But anyway heres the photoshop tutorial
Like i said i didn't use this one even know its a Very Good logo tutorial the one i used is this
i made my logo using fotoflexer, IK i might have taken the hard way but its pretty fast and im used to using foto flexer, anyway heres the logo i made
Pretty Good in My opinion, anyway now that i finished that part, heres Part 2,
OK so i have hidden easter eggs on my website, that when you click you win a prize for example some prizes will be photoshop cs3, to microsoft word, Currently i only have about 3 easter eggs but i will get more, The microsoft word easter egg will come soon, and Possibly some other Game easter eggs including angry birds and/or penguin chat
I wish you luck in the easter egg Hunt, Feel free to @ Me on twitter @idjfanto
sincerely ~ Dj Fanto ~


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