Friday, September 16, 2011

Bonus Post: Windows 8

Hey Guys Dj Fanto So i have a big post coming saturday and just to get you a little hyped about it i wanna give you guys a bonus post this week, one of the people i subscribed to (Soldierknowsbest) has released a new video about the new iOS for windows coming out Windows 8
As Most of you can tell they Have added a Nice little windows phone design to it
Personally i don't like the windows 8 design but if they do some icon editing and maybe some different layouts to switch from desktop mode to like windows 8 mode it would be better, But who knows
Comment what you think,
also keep up in our posts this weekend on saturday I'm releasing one of my biggest projects yet for html penguin including one of the most asked for easter eggs
Sincerely ~Dj Fanto~

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