Saturday, September 3, 2011

How to Code Apps And Games

:D hey everyone its dj fanto here, Ok so Nobody asked me this but it took me all day to think of something to posts Ok using the info from some old posts i will show you how to code a Web application, step 1. I suggest you Create your app page on wix like i did because its easy if you dont know how to use wix heres a tutorial
Once learned how to use wix you can create a Game through looking up picture for example the stupid test, or a virtual ipad, I made my own virtual ipad By getting source codes from websites, if you use safari you go to view, then view source, if you dont use safari go to then click the page Html source and enter in a websites source (tip if you want google on your app/game it wont work i suggest you use alta vista search engine)  Now if you already watched the video i suggest you make mini pages so every time you pass one question or app you can glide to the next so add a link to it thats the main idea, You need a little practice to get used to  wix,
If you'd like to see my app click here Thanks for reading this post,
if you have any questions please comment, if this isnt what you wanted im sorry
and also tell me if you like the new ads and sponsors on our website, i sure do they help me out alot
anyway see you next time
Sincerely ~Dj Fanto~

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