Sunday, October 23, 2011

All about codes How to's

Hey guys its Dj Fanto
This week post is pretty much Strait forward :P so there are thousands of codes out there so lets get started
Lets list all the websites used to write codes
QR code maker -
Binary/hex/Base64 code maker/cracker -
These are just some, in fact Html can even be cracked, But Html is really easy to Crack :P all you have to do is use it by using a previewer or a blog, Codes like Morse code and stuff are surprisingly easy to crack,
1 beat = A
2 beat = B
and it goes on and on and on, well as Binary is The same thing but alot longer,
Now :P its on to coding time :P lets code some Built in coding Translators into the site look below at them comment what the code there cracking is for a Icon on our next header

[ find the name (hint 64 ]

I have a Friend named Duncan70 who is sorta like me but instead of html she codes php, i know that allot of my fans would probably be interested so check her out her website is 
Also I  have found an AMAZING!!! awesome game coder and designer named mr. doob go to to view him hes like a billion times better than me
Ok so this will probably be a back up post if i forget to post on saturday
Sincerely ~Dj Fanto~

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