Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Contest 2

Hey Guys Dj Fanto Here!
Guess what???? ITS CONTEST TIME!!!!! yeah :D last one was a EPIC WIN!
so Lets get started
. All viewers that comment will win
Free downloads to Beavis and butthead episodes
Free Games like Mario, Minecraft and Modded Old games for you to play including NES, and Nintendo64
Also the Big selling point Cracked Photoshop
and thats it for the list of what you get just for viewing and/or commenting
Well as if you @ My Twitter saying something like "I WANNA REWARD!!! GIMME! i want Grand theft auto 1 and 2!!" You get Free GRAND THEFT AUTO!
But wait theres more XD since this is a CONTEST not a Give away the First person to answer this riddle wins.... This contest is over!!!

Also @ Me on twitter to win Family Guy clips and episodes
Send me something like "I read your post gimme Family guy episodes"
anyway more might be added
Sincerely ~ Dj Fanto ~

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