Saturday, January 28, 2012

How to create your own Twitter Client and make an app for FREE!

UPDATE: If you're having any difficulties with this tutorial please mention @NazarCode on twitter and he'll be happy to help!

Hey guys! NazarCP here. I'm going to show you how to make a Twitter client in less than 10 minutes! You don’t need to have a great coding skills to create a Twitter client. You just use the existing software. Let us start step by step! :D

1. You need a web hosting and domain, use a free web hosting if you don’t want to spend money. Oops, don’t forget to create a Twitter account.

2. Register your application to Twitter Developers, login with your username your Twitter password.

3. Fill the form as you wish, make sure it’s all true. But you still can edit them later.

4. You should have consumer key and consumer secret now.

5. Ok, Twitter Developers steps have been completed, now you must prepare an application for your Twitter client. Use Rabr, this is a perfect Twitter clone and you can get it for free. Download Rabr.

6. Configure, edit config.php (in lib directory) to insert your key secure, consumer key, consumer secret, and OAuth callback URL.
define('SECURE_KEY', 'Secure Key'); //Fill as you wish define('API_URL', ''); define('API_TWITTER', ''); define('TWITESE_API_URL', ''); define('SITE_OWNER', 'Twitter Username'); // OAuth Config define("CONSUMER_KEY", "Your Consumer Key"); define("CONSUMER_SECRET", "Your Consumer Secret"); define("OAUTH_CALLBACK", "");
7. Upload Rabr to your web hosting, use an FTP client or Cpanel.

8. Test your client Twiter.

Rabr doesn’t require a database, so don’t worry about your server resource usages.

Rabr features :
Shorten URL
Shorten Tweet
Filter timeline
Symbols and smileys
Previous tweets
Auto refresh
Sweep timeline
Conversation tweets
reply, RT, retweet, favorite, translate
and many more..

Screenshots :

Rabr Home:

Tweet view

Hope you had fun creating your Twitter client!


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