Sunday, May 19, 2013

HTML Penguin Version 2.0.1


If you don't quite remember what HTML Penguin was, I'll tell you a brief history on it. It was made in by the owner DjFanto in June 2010 to teach penguins like me about coding. It was just the very beginning. He was trying to choose between blogging about Club Penguin cheats or about Coding. He was very popular around that era of Club Penguin. He would go on Sleet a lot and tweet a lot. He was best friends with me and we would talk a lot on Twitter. Later, he added two authors: Nazar and SammpyChip. DjFanto and I created a group called the CrazyFanto team which would make games and blogs. It was really fun. I had a really fun time with him. This post marks the 40th post on this site. We had a LOT of fans on this site. Over 4000 to be exact. He made a few other sites with me. This fun ended when DjFanto quit Club Penguin and moved on to Minecraft and other stuff. He gave the site to me and expected me to manage the site. The problem with that was I didn't know much about blogging and making a blog without his help. At this time, I've been very successful on Twitter and my other websites. I want to bring back HTML Penguin with a new theme, new team and a new whole generation to this website. I will have giveaways and you can learn a whole lot of coding and making stuff! Thanks and good bye!

-The CrazyFanto Team

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